StreamBase CEP

StreamBase CEP Datasheet

StreamBase CEP Datasheet

The StreamBase Complex Event Processing platform is a high-performance system for rapidly building applications that analyze and act on real-time streaming data.   With StreamBase, organizations rapidly build real-time systems in record time and are deployed at a fraction of the cost and risk of alternatives.

StreamBase’s complex event processing (CEP) software is distinguished by bringing together three significant capabilities in one integrated platform: rapid development via the industry’s first and only graphical event-flow language, extreme performance with a low-latency high-throughput event server, and the broadest connectivity to real-time and historical data.  Industry leaders and StreamBase partners in capital markets, the intelligence/security sector, and other industries are benefiting from rapid, on-the-fly processing of complex data streams-and the fastest time to prototype, test, and deploy real-time applications.

StreamBase Platform

The traditional approach for processing this complex event data has required costly, time-consuming custom-coding of the infrastructure and application logic, using specialized expertise to build a complete functional system. StreamBase eliminates these problems by offering commercial systems software designed to process, analyze and respond to those real-time data streams instantaneously, offering superior speed, scalability, and value compared to conventional infrastructures or custom-coded environments.

Rapid Time-to-Value with Graphical Development Environment

StreamBase Studio™ is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) which provides tools for all stages of the development process, including design, test and deployment. Applications can be prototyped and built in just a few hours or days.

The operations in event processing inherently follow a workflow pattern, and StreamBase Studio provides an intuitive drag-and-connect graphical authoring environment with workflow orientation that eliminates the need for custom-coding application logic – which can be very time-consuming and expensive. StreamBase also makes it easy to modify applications when business needs change or data volumes increase.

High Performance CEP Engine

StreamBase applications achieve performance levels measured at hundreds of thousands messages/second by virtue of the StreamBase Server, an ultra low-latency application server optimized for real-time event processing.  It utilizes an inbound processing architecture that queries data as it streams through the system.  Business rules and rich application logic are applied in real-time to deliver results in-flight as they are produced, enabling significant speed/performance gains compared to alternatives that require storing and indexing the data before queries are processed.

Enterprise Connectivity

StreamBase offers a broad set of connectivity options that allow for integration with a variety of data sources and enterprise systems. These include StreamBase Adaptersto leading financial market data feeds (Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Lime, Activ, exchanges), messaging systems (e.g. Tibco RV, EMS/JMS messaging), JDBC-compliant databases, and real-time dashboard development environments like Adobe Flex; and in addition connectivity to high capacity databases and data warehouses (Kx, HP Vertica, Thomson Reuters Velocity Analytics, and DB2). StreamBase also offers published Java, C++, and .NET API support and a wizards-based rapid adapter development toolkit.

The Bottom Line

Before StreamBase, processing real-time data feeds with high throughput was a difficult undertaking. With StreamBase’s enterprise-class CEP engine running StreamSQL, more and more organizations are now gaining:

  • Faster processing and reaction to real-time complex event streams
  • Shorter development cycles, with significantly easier maintenance
  • Dramatically lower development and programming costs
  • Flexibility to quickly adapt to changing business and analytic needs
  • Reduced hardware and operational expenses
  • Faster time-to-profit from real-time initiatives

For additional information about StreamBase’s CEP engine, please see our answers to Frequently Asked Questions, or visit the support knowledge base.