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StreamBase LiveView Datasheet

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StreamBase LiveView is a push-based real-time analytics solution that enables business users to analyze, anticipate and alert on important business events in real-time, and act on opportunities or threats as they occur.

StreamBase LiveView™ consumes data from streaming real-time data sources, creates an in-memory data warehouse, and provides push-based query results and alerts to end users. Real-time applications for StreamBase LiveView™ include execution services, trading risk, network operations risk, fraud detection, and web analytics.

With the latest release of StreamBase LiveView added more access to historical data, new continuous queries Top-N Queries and Time-Windowed Queries, in addition to Shared Desktop Workspaces and a StreamBase Studio Wizard.

StreamBase LiveView™ Server

StreamBase LiveView includes a scalable, multi-threaded server that consumes multiple streams of data and creates streaming tables to be queried by end users. The warehouse handles ad-hoc client query requests and evaluates, answers, and indexes the queries. As data streams in, StreamBase LiveView™ continuously evaluates queries and pushes query results to clients for an always-live user view. StreamBase Studio can be used to extend server-side analytics to, for example, inject custom event based rules and analytics, or call out to custom Java code, MATLAB, or any environment integrated with the StreamBase development platform.

StreamBase LiveView™ Desktop

The StreamBase LiveView™ Desktop provides an interactive, live control center that enables users to interactively compose and save ad-hoc queries, configure charts, heatmaps, and treemaps, control panel layout, and create and manage alerts and aggregate views against Active Tables in the Active Data Warehouse.

StreamBase LiveView™ Connectivity

StreamBase LiveView™ has connectivity to over 150 streaming data sources including messaging, databases, market data. For a complete catalog, click here.

StreamBase LiveView™ Use Cases and Customers

StreamBase LiveView™ use cases in Capital Markets include equities trade flow monitoring, execution consulting services, FX trade flow monitoring, arbitrage detection, risk management, compliance, real-time audit trails & logging, and real-time post trade analysis.

LiveView’s first deployment is at a top tier investment bank to manage execution services in real-time by creating a live, firm-wide warehouse of trading events. The system manages tens of millions of trading events a day, streaming directly from 12 event-based systems via enterprise message bus feeds. StreamBase LiveView™ allows any user to analyze live trading data for trading risk management and advanced client services.  The system is deployed globally and in production for sometime.

The first public customer for StreamBase LiveView is GAIN Capital, which uses LiveView for liquidity optimization and back-office risk monitoring. LiveView enables GAIN Capital to access a single real-time view of market liquidity and quickly deploy analytics to help GAIN ensure efficient and optimal liquidity provision. Live notifications and alerts enable back-office users to manage liquidity and risk more efficiently, and provide real-time reporting.  Read the article in Wall Street & Technology on GAIN’s use of StreamBase LiveView.

Other real-time applications for StreamBase LiveView™ include:

  • Fraud detection
  • Network operations risk
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Web analytics

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