StreamBase Announces StreamBase LiveView™, a Live Business Intelligence Platform for Streaming Data

New platform provides radical transparency and the ability for firms to act on live data

NEW YORK, NY (USA) — November 15, 2011 — StreamBase Systems today announces StreamBase LiveView™, a live business intelligence platform for streaming, real-time data. StreamBase LiveView™ consumes data from streaming real-time data sources, creates an in-memory data warehouse, and provides push-based query results and alerts to end-users. The platform enables near real-time analysis for real-time applications such as trading risk, network operations risk, fraud detection, and web analytics.

StreamBase LiveView™ is designed for ease of deployment and use. Based on the StreamBase Complex Event Processing (CEP) platform, it inherits platform connectivity to over 150 streaming data sources. The graphical StreamBase LiveView™ Desktop allows users to compose queries, create alerts, and aggregate views against multiple streams of data. The StreamBase Continuous Query Processor evaluates queries in real-time as data changes and pushes query results to clients for an always-live user view. Firms can choose to extend StreamBase LiveView™ analytics further by using StreamBase’s visual development environment, StreamBase Studio.

StreamBase LiveView™ is already deployed globally at a top tier investment bank to manage trading operations risk in real-time by creating a live, firm-wide warehouse of trading events.  The system manages over 10 million trading events a day, streaming directly from 12 event-based systems via enterprise message bus feeds. StreamBase LiveView™ allows users at this firm, including traders, operations, and risk managers, to analyze risk – for example, users can identify orders that are either having a problem, or are about to have a problem, and then drill-down into the live detail of that order, helping them manage issues and find new opportunities.

“We developed StreamBase LiveView™ with leading capital markets firms that wanted to make their trading systems radically transparent and trusted,” said Mark Palmer, CEO of StreamBase Systems. “Until now, live data could only be understood after data was digested, summarized, and transformed by a data warehouse or BI tool, often at the end of the day. Not only is batch-oriented processing slow, but users also lose the fidelity of the data and the ability to act while insight is still relevant. StreamBase LiveView™ is a radical departure from traditional BI, providing firms with a live view of operations so that they no longer fly blind in real-time.”

To learn more, please visit, or StreamBase’s Google+ page, Curt Monash, a leading database analyst has commented on StreamBase LiveView™ in his blog, DBMS2 – read the blog post here: “StreamBase LiveView — push-based real-time BI.”

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About StreamBase
StreamBase Systems, Inc, a leader in high-performance Complex Event Processing (CEP), provides software for rapidly building systems that analyze and act on real-time streaming data for instantaneous decision-making. The World Economic Forum awarded StreamBase the title of 2010 Technology Pioneer.

StreamBase’s Event Processing Platform™ combines a rapid application development environment, an ultra low-latency high-throughput event server, and the broadest connectivity to real-time and historical data. Leading investment banks, hedge funds, and government agencies use StreamBase to power mission-critical applications that increase revenue, lower costs, and reduce risk. Applications in Capital Markets include FX Aggregation and Pricing, Algorithmic Trading Smart Order Routing AND Market Data Management.

StreamBase customers include Thomson Reuters, CME Group, BM&F Bovespa, SunGard, ConvergEx Group, RBC Capital Markets, CMC Markets, City Index and BlueCrest Capital Management. The company is headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts with offices in New York, Washington D.C. and London. For more information, visit