Certified Developers

After hands-on training and examination, StreamBase EventFlow developers can attain Certified StreamBase Developer status. A Certified StreamBase Developer has the knowledge and experience to be an effective contributor to StreamBase EventFlow application development projects.

All StreamBase EventFlow developers who have successfully completed the Developing CEP Applications with StreamBase EventFlow training course and can demonstrate the effective application of the material covered by that course are eligible to take the Certified StreamBase Developer assessments. There are two parts to the assessment process: a 50-question Online Examination and a Programming Assignment. The Programming Assignment is designed to take less than 40 hours to complete, though we allow 90 days from the completion of the Online Examination to complete the Programming Assignment.

Certification at the Certified StreamBase Developer level entitles the holder to these benefits, independent of company affiliation or customer status:

  • Certificate
  • Use of the title “Certified StreamBase Developer”
  • Membership in the StreamBase Developer LinkedIn group
  • StreamBase support access
  • A StreamBase developer limited license
  • Notification of StreamBase releases via e-mail
  • No shortage of work as there is ever increasing demand for experienced StreamBase Developers from our growing client list

Certification status is valid for two years, and must be renewed every two years according to the then current requirements for each certification level.

There are three ways to qualify for the program:

  • Completion of the live Developing CEP Applications with StreamBase EventFlow training class
  • Equivalent private mentoring with StreamBase or StreamBase partner personnel
  • Equivalent self-study and development experience

The Certified StreamBase Developer assessments are available now; they assume knowledge of StreamBase 6.6 or later. If you wish to be enrolled in the certification program, please complete the form below: